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Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace was founded in 2003 and renowned for our Imperial Red arowana which has gained worldwide recognitions.

Imperial Palace evolved from the understanding that our unceasing effort to produce the highest quality Arowanas and the duty to fulfill our customer’s dream to own their ideal Arowana will be our foremost objective.

Imperial Palace philosophy is to fulfill every valuable customer’s satisfaction through the provision of high quality arowana, reasonable pricing, honest dealing and excellent services.

Imperial Palace is focused on providing our customers with the specialized expertise required to meet their fish hobby challenges and requirements. We take an objective approach firmly centered on customer needs in all of our work. We strive to offer an unsurpassed level of customer service and attention which you as our valued customer can expect.

The Secret to our Success:

                Loyalty to customers

We are proud to present all our Arowana with exquisite pedigree and careful grooming, proven worldwide by local and international competitions and exhibitions. Imperial Arowana is undeniably, one of the top arowana brand in the world and some of the many AWARDS we won for the last decade were as below.

Aquarama DragonFish Competition 2015

Large Size Class 1 (Red):

  • 1st Runner-up

Singapore International Fish Show – Arowana Championship 2014

  • Best of Show – Grand Champion

Class 4 – Gold Crossback (Category B):

  • 1st  - Champion 

Class 1 - Red  (Category A):

  • 1st Runner-up
  • 2nd Runner-up
  • Consolation - I13
  • Consolation - I7

Class 2 – Red (Category B)

  • 1st Runner Up

Aquarama DragonFish Competition 2013

Large Size Class 2 (Crossback Golden – Traditional):

  • 1st - Champion
  • 1st Runner-up

Large Size Class 3 (Crossback Golden – Golden Head):

  • 1st Runner-up
  • 2nd Runner-up

Large Size Class 1 (Red):

  • 1st Runner-up
  • 2nd Runner-up

Small Size Class 1 (Red):

  • 2nd Runner-up

Aquarama 2005

Young Red Category:

  • 1st - Champion

Qian Hu Arowana Competition 2004 Results:

Category B (Adult Malaysia Cross Back) 

  • 1st Runner-up - B7 
  • Consolation - B9 

Category C (Adult Tong Yan Cross Back) 

  • 1st Runner-up - C5 
  • Consolation - C9 
  • Consolation - C10 

Category D (Red Tail Gold) 

  • Champion - D10 
  • Consolation - D11 

Category F (Young Malaysia Cross Back) 

  • 2nd Runner-up - F8 
  • Consolation - F1 

Category I (Special Open Entry)

  • 2nd Runner-up - I9 
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